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Health Map helps you take charge of your health. If you have HIV, you can use this site to guide you to get the most out of your visits to the doctor or other health care providers.

HIV is now a long-term chore, not a crisis, so some issues get put off or forgotten. It’s easy to focus too much on your viral load and forget about your cholesterol.

Use Health Map to find out what tests you need or what issues should be on the agenda at your next visit to your doctor or clinic. Health Map will ask you questions about your health and give you a personal report, based on expert advice. This will direct you to websites chosen for your needs, as well as providing a few facts and a "to do" list for your medical care. If you are bringing a long list of tasks for your doctor, it might be worth booking extra time.

Health Map is provided by Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and the Victorian AIDS Council, and funding from the Department of Human Services.

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